Since 1956, Cloverdale Mall has always been more than just a mall – it has been a community hub and a deeply-rooted part of Etobicoke’s cultural heritage.

When Cloverdale was first built, it was an open-air mall that included not only retail stores, but landscaped walkways, a community hall, bowling alleys, and a nursery. The designer, Dr. Eugene Faludi, had immigrated from Europe and sought to bring the best of the design principles from European squares. Faludi knew that shopping centres were more than places of commerce – they were multi-functional social centres and community hubs. To Faludi’s dismay, and following the retail trends of the 1970’s, the mall was enclosed.

But here’s an idea. In celebration of Cloverdale’s founding principles, QuadReal is proposing a reinvigoration of the mall into a vibrant mixed-use, complete community. Picture the Cloverdale you know and love, yet imagine it as a revitalized destination beyond shopping. Imagine arts and culture, fitness and wellness, dining, events and entertainment, outdoor performances, community uses, and huge new green spaces.

Our goal is to help facilitate a new space for the community, influenced by the community.  We see Cloverdale as the future arts, cultural, and community hub of western Toronto. And we want to hear from you. That’s why we will be creating multiple ways to engage during the evolution of the project. CLICK HERE to join us.