Spooky, Scary, Nail Biting Stories

Posted on: October 30, 2020

Halloween is coming and it will be strange and scary – just in newer and spookier ways.  If you’re like me and want a little of that old magic, you can definitely give yourselves a frightening good scare by picking up some spooky books at Coles.  Coles Manager, Travis, has offered up his picks for all age groups.

Set the scene: moonlight, a bowl of something chocolatey, your most comfortable reading nook and:

If you’re a littlun,  opens in a new windowSesame Street’s Pumpkin Patch Party will entertain with its lift-the-flap fun that will reveal who’s hiding amongst the pumpkins and what costumes they are wearing.

Tweens will be enchanted by  opens in a new windowNeil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book which introduces Nobody Owen – an ordinary boy except for the fact that he lives in a graveyard being raised by ghosts.

The teens will be drawn into  opens in a new windowStalking Jack the Ripper, the gruesome world of a serial murderer and the teenage girl who investigates these deaths as her privileged world becomes less sheltered.

For those of us looking to add to our white hair count, we can frighten ourselves with  opens in a new windowMexican Gothic – a glamorous perfectly lipsticked lead, the 1950’s, the patriarchy, and an unknown and unnamed malevolent force that affects not just the residents of a country estate but the house itself.

Travis has thrown in a bonus book so we can be assured that the fear factor is closer than even our imaginations,  opens in a new windowThe Toronto Book of the Dead takes us into the city’s past where we learn of murders, seances, and suicides amongst other truths.

It’s easy to bring the spooky fun into our homes with flap books, frightening fiction, and even scarier truths.  Stop by opens in a new window Coles for even more tomes on tombs.

~Holly, Guest Services Coordinator