Playing With Your Food

Posted on: October 23, 2020

Cloverdale Mall and food go together like autumn and pumpkin spice lattes.   RELISH, our virtual food festival, may be over but it’s left me hankering after more ways to enjoy food – like playing with it!  While I’m not traditionally a gamer I do love all things food and Game Hoard has a few console games to get you in the mood for burgers, sushi, and so much more.

Whether you’re a Wii, Switch or XBOX ONE die-hard you’ll find a game that will tempt you into making, selling, and possibly devouring a few calories.

  • Order Up is a Wii game that will set you up for your budding chef career.  You’ll learn how to prep, cook, and do the thing that takes you from a mere cook to a chef – the plating!  Get ready to rise up the restaurant ranks!
  • Sushi Striker and Burgertime Party get your thumbs working a Nintendo Switch so you can outwit anyone trying to steal your eats.
  • Overcooked Gourmet Edition for XBOX ONE lets you and up to three others team up to fulfil customers’ orders before they get too hangry.  Hurry up, it’s time to sharpen your knives!

While I haven’t yet mastered the skills necessary for the smorgasbord of games above, I do know I’ll have a great time getting a thumb workout that’ll leave me craving all the pixelated treats on offer at Game Hoard in Cloverdale.

~Holly, Guest Services Representative