Masked and Ready to Go

Posted on: August 6, 2020

Bold colours, classic black, or patterns – now’s the time to find the face mask that fits, keeps others safe, and offers a little personality.  As we find ourselves in the midst of unusual times, we are all in the market for a collection of face masks that cover the nose, mouth, and chin, and that maybe show a little of your flair.  If you’re looking for disposable options those are available too.  Want to double up and add some latex gloves or a face shield we’ve got those as well!

Zacks and Central Park South have an array of patterned masks that allow you to match your colour palette or mood.  Canadian Shoe Outlet has some sleek individually packaged black masks.  Stitch It offers the accordion style masks that come in solid navy, black, and purple.  Nature’s Counter offers some reusable masks in white. Looking for a one-stop shop?  Mix Max and Toy City have reusable masks and face shields.  For multi-packs of disposable masks Showcase and Home Hardware have what you need.  Cavallino has stocked up on latex gloves.  Shop for the kiddos and head over to Winners for child-sized masks in a variety of colours and patterns.  With the NBA restart, stop by Sports Centre for masks that spread team cheer.

Now that the term PPE has found it’s way into our everyday conversations you can find all your everyday PPE wear right here at Cloverdale.  I encourage you to take a peek at the retailers above and maybe you’ll find the perfect mask for your needs.  Let’s keep a safe distance apart, keep our hands clean, and mask up when in a public space.

~Holly, Guest Services Representative