Jade Roller

Posted on: July 25, 2018

Late nights and early mornings can leave my face puffy and less fresh.  I’m always on the look out for ways to de-puff and brighten my face on these days.  I’ve noticed a lot of postings about jade rollers floating around Instagram for a while now, but was always skeptical and thought they were just a fad that will pass.  However, I recently read a few articles on how beneficial they are to the skin and apparently they’ve been around for centuries in China.  Jade rollers are a hand held massaging tool with a jade stone and the end of it.  Jade helps brighten your skin by boosting blood circulation, it reduces under-eye swelling and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s also noted to help ease sinus pain and headaches.  A product that that can make my skin look fresh and glowing while alleviating my sinus symptoms?  I’m sold!  Next stop, Showcase at Cloverdale to pick up a jade roller to try for myself.  The jade roller I purchased at Showcase is double ended, which is great because you can use the larger stone for your forehead and cheeks and the smaller stone is perfect for your under eyes, temples and nose.  I personally like using mine before I go to bed and the massaging effect definitely calms my skin.  Jade is naturally a cool stone but storing it in the fridge or freezer will give you an extra cooling effect.  Since I’m in front of a computer screen all day, the coolness of the stone helps relieve any tension or strain around my eyes.  The once skeptical me is now loving the jade roller as a part of my beauty routine and I recommend everyone gives it a try and enjoy its benefits.

Tip: when used with your fav under-eye cream, it helps the skin absorb the product better.



Photo: @shalynjadebeauty