Food Fest Fundamentals!

Posted on: September 12, 2022

RELISH The Foodie Event, a two-day food festival is just around the corner!  How do you prepare for such an ambitious affair without getting overwhelmed?  Let Cloverdale ease your fears.  We have #allyouneed for your foodie fest prep!

Arrive early to secure parking.

While there is ample parking at the shopping centre we recommend arriving early so you can find a parking space, as close as possible to the event space. We’re also easily accessible by transit!

Get into comfortable shoes.

Even though RELISH The Foodie Event provides a variety of seating, it is always best to wear shoes that provide comfort first. Food festivals can involve a lot of standing, waiting while your delish eats are being prepared and walking up and down to take everything in that the event has to offer, which over time can cause some discomfort.  Check out Cloverdale’s shoe stores like Walking On A Cloud and The Shoe Club and Star Shoes for your comfy footwear.  Plus, you don’t want the aching of your feet to hinder the urge to get your dance on with live performances by Big Smoke Brass Band and cool beats by our DJ!

Wear sunscreen and drink water.

Standing under the sun all day can cause major problems like dehydration and sunburn.  So, it is important to keep hydrated with liquids as well as apply sunscreen when needed.  For help selecting a sunscreen go to Rexall’s Sun Care flyer.  Take shelter from the sun in our covered dining area or under an umbrella at one of our picnic tables.

Plan ahead for your payment options.

At RELISH The Foodie Event a majority of vendors and food trucks will accept multiple forms of payment including credit and debit.  However, you never know what hiccups may arrive on the day of the event.  You don’t want to wait in line, arrive at the front ready to place your order, only to discover they only take cash.

Bonus tip: Plan for more than you think you might spend.  With 15 food trucks plus the artisanal and floral market vendors, there is bound to be something special that will catch your eye, or your tastebuds will be begging you for more delish eats and treats than perhaps you originally planned.  Make sure you are prepared accordingly to satisfy all your cravings!

Pace yourself!

Burgers, shawarmas, funnel cakes, jerk chicken dinners, popsicles, cupcakes—oh my!  With various types of food spanning numerous cultures at RELISH The Foodie Event, don’t feel any pressure to keep up with your foodie family and friends at the fest!  Numerous studies have shown that people adjust their intake directly to that of their eating companions; they eat more when others eat more.  It’s quite alright to enjoy the delish eats at your own pace.

Be strategic.

Earlier I wrote about being overwhelmed.  These large events can be a heightened sensory experience, especially as soon as you walk in.  Allow yourself to focus more keenly on your surroundings:  the sounds, sights, smells and feeling of the environment—properly soaking in every dimension of your surroundings can actually improve your overall experience.

Another solution:  Plan your days at RELISH The Foodie Event.  Peruse our website, and social media for our vendor lineup and event information.  This detailed food fest intelligence can aid you in prioritizing what vendors you want to visit first.  Click here for RELISH The Foodie Event’s program details and make sure to follow and tag @cloverdalemall on Instagram for the latest lowdown on this flavoursome affair.

I believe you are now ready for this two day, free-to-attend, food-themed event.  Remember, it is taking place this weekend, September 17 and 18, 2022 from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, in the Centre’s north parking lot (250 The East Mall).

See you there!

~Gillaine Chapman, Marketing Coordinator