Elements of Design

Posted on: February 21, 2019

A renovation can give your home a brand new feel and look.  A few years back we had decided to paint our house to give it a new look with a colour update.  What started as just a paint job turned into a full house renovation.  Everything from our walls, staircase, bathroom, hardwood flooring to the kitchen counter, major kitchen appliances, backsplash and everything in between had been swapped out.  No doubt, it was a huge project that took months for our contractors to complete.  Now this is not a project one can embark often but the good thing is even just a few new additions to your home can really spruce the place up.  Keep reading for décor trends for 2019 that will help elevate your interior design.

VELVET:   Make a room instantly look more luxurious with a touch of velvet.  Velvet will be everywhere in 2019, it’s the luxe meets comfort trend that we’ve all been waiting for.  Add a touch of velvet with either cushions, a throw or furniture.  A minimalistic option are these gorgeous velvet chairs from Kitchen Stuff Plus.  They come in various colours and are only available in-stores.

MARBLE:  Marble was definitely a trend in 2018 and it continues this year.  The stone exudes luxury and can single-handedly elevate any space.  Integrate marble into your home with a marble countertop or table.  Looking for an inexpensive fix?  Pick up some marble contact paper, perfect for DIY projects, from Dollarama.  I have used this this in my home to line all my cupboards and drawers.

LIVING CORAL:  It’s Pantone’s colour of the year.  It’s a warm, vibrant yet mellow colour between orange and pink.  This is a great accent colour for the upcoming spring and summer months.  Visit Winners for home accessories such as cushions, blankets and kitchen accessories in this shade.  You can also, add an accent wall to you home by painting a wall this colour.  Living Coral gives a refreshing pop of colour and can easily be integrated into your overall colour concept.  Speak to a specialist at Home Hardware for tips on how you can achieve this look with their “Beauti-Tone” line of paint.

 PLANTS:  House plants are more popular than ever.  After all they provide much needed anti-pollutants, ensure the air we breathe is fresh and full of oxygen, so why not fill your house with green.  Make sure to check how much sunlight and water a plant needs before purchasing.  For a low maintenance houseplant opt for succulents and terrariums.  Head over to Metro to find your new house plant.  No need to worry about finding a pot, Metro’s plants come in gorgeous decorative plant pots.  Check out their selection of fresh flowers to add to your home as well.

Remember the most important aspect to decorating your home is that it reflects who you are, your personality and your style.