DIY Edible Terrarium

Posted on: October 1, 2020

We had Chef Katie, semi-finalist on Food Network Canada’s Junior Chef Showdown, help us get crafty with food by making a DIY edible terrarium.  This edible terrarium is a great and yummy activity.  Follow the steps below for this delish treat!

Terrarium Ingredients:

¼ chocolate cookie crumbs (crushed)
Chocolate candy in shape of rocks (about ¼ cup)
¼ cup chocolate pudding
5 green melting chocolate disks
1 Licorice root stick
1 Gummy worm
1 Candy flower

The ingredients above (all from Bulk ‘N’ Bits) can be used to make your edible terrarium or you can be creative and use your own ingredients.  Just make sure they look like something in your garden.  You can also add more or less of each of the ingredients to your terrarium.  The sky’s the limit.

You will also need:

A clear glass bowl  – The bowl Chef Katie used was a dessert bowl about 3.5” in diameter from Dollarama.
A cheese grater – Available at Kitchen Stuff Plus

Steps to building a delish edible terrarium:

First, fill the bottom of your glass bowl with chocolate pudding about an inch or so up the bowl.  This will resemble the molten lava beneath the earth’s surface.

Next, sprinkle the cookie crumbs into the bowl.  You can make the cookie crumbs look even with the pudding or high on one side or the other, or put an indentation in the centre.  Get creative.  The cookie crumbs are meant to look like the earth.

The rock-shaped chocolate candy can be placed on one side of the bowl on top of the cookie crumbs.  On the other side of the bowl, you will see “grass”.  The grass is made by using a cheese grater and grating the 5 green melting chocolate disks (any green coloured chocolate will do) so that it looks like grass and sprinkling it on the side opposite the rocks.

Finally, add a gummy worm poking out of the soil, a licorice root stick to resemble a log in the garden and a candy flower and voila, your edible terrarium is complete!

Again, use your creativity and the sweet ingredients that you really like.

We look forward to seeing your yummy creations.  Tag @cloverdalemall using the hashtag #RELISHTheFoodieEvent