COMMON STORIES: RELISH The Foodie Event at Cloverdale

Posted on: August 22, 2019

Coming up at RELISH, The Foodie Event at Cloverdale Mall, Ill be a guest chef and Im planning various cooking demonstrations.  One will be focused on adults, and there will be another with kids

Working with kids is always my favourite part of any event that I participate in.  My focal point will be introducing them to good food, or real food as I call it as I try to break away from processed and convenience foods that many young ones seem to be drawn to.  I’ll also talk to attendees about sustainability in the kitchen and the true joy of cooking at home.   Kids can be timid around food.  Many vegetables in their whole form, like eggplant or zucchini, are completely foreign to them.  It builds excitement to have them prepare it, play with it and cook it By the end of the demonstration, the kids are often open to trying something new.   The end goal, really, is to get them willing to try new foods.  When they’re gobbling it up and telling their parents how much they loved cooking these vegetables, parents are always shocked because they’ve never been able to succeed in that way.   

The demonstration with adults will be filled with tips and tricks and local foods, as we’re in peak growing season. It’s always great to see people taking bold new steps on their own to create unique dishes.  There doesn’t need to be a recipe or a direct set of rules when preparing a meal, but an opportunity to have some fun with it and take some chances.  

Both demonstrations for adults and for children seem to spark new conversations.  Food ties communities and neighbourhoods together and acts as a kind of central gathering tool.  When you look at all the different activations and street festivals that happen around the city, they’re all centered around food.  No matter the neighbourhood or background, it’s the common denominator that brings people together, I feel a real connection to that, a real sense of community around food, and an obligation to give back. It’s important to me to get involved and pay it forward. 

Cory Vitiello, Chef, Flock Restaurants


For all the delish details on RELISH The Foodie Event, September 14 & 15, visit our event page.


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