Celebrating Earth Month From The Ground Up

Posted on: April 17, 2023

“Invest in Our Planet”—this year’s theme for Earth Day (April 22) and Earth Month focuses on creating a “partnership for the planet” that accounts for all people, and holds businesses and governments accountable—for everyone to do their part.  For example, A&W Canada has been serving 100% Canadian grass-fed and grass-finished beef at their restaurants since 2013.  Their ranchers practice low-impact ranching, focusing on conserving native grasslands and raising only as many cattle as the lands can support.

There are easy ways to start contributing, even as individual citizens and consumers from the ground up:

    • Tend to your local community garden. Connect with people in your local gardens, and food distribution to see where you can volunteer.  Tend to gardens once a week, and distribute seasonal fruits and vegetables to neighbours.  You can join an already-established City of Toronto community garden or start your own on land within the City parks system, and other City-owned lands on the City of Toronto website.  The Etobicoke Horticultural Society has its Legacy Program for Etobicoke middle schools, helping Grade 8 students sow and plant seedlings.
    • Use this month as a launch pad to start getting your hands dirty in your own backyard.  Peruse Home Hardware’s collection of vegetable seedlings (selection varies by store).  Also, the Lakeshore Environmental Gardening Society has its Annual Plant Exchange and Seedy Saturday on May 6.  Organically grown food reduces air and water pollution as no herbicides or pesticides are used.  Plus, home-grown food does not need to be transported from source to market reducing fossil fuels and no plastic packaging required!
    • Invest in more eco-friendly ways to water your lawns, gardens or indoor plants. One way is to install a rain barrel in the garden.  Collecting water in a rain barrel (see Home Hardware’s selection) to water your plants saves money and helps the environment.  It’s amazing how fast a rain barrel fills during the growing seasons.  Tip: To keep the rainwater fresh in a barrel clean it using a non-toxic substance such as vinegar to remove residue or algae.  An option for your garden is using drip irrigation systems.  The Element Irrigator Soaker Garden Hose from Home Hardware features tiny holes or “pores” along its length, weeping water directly to plants’ root systems—reducing evaporation, but using up to 70 per cent less water than a conventional sprinkler!
  • Recycle your electronics.  On April 29 and 30, the 433rd Toronto Scouts & Venturers are holding a Recycling Fundraiser in the northeast parking lot, here at Cloverdale Mall.  A great opportunity to properly and safely dispose of your used, broken, and obsolete electronics, aluminum cans, empty beer bottles—free of charge, ensuring toxins and recyclable materials are diverted from the landfill.  Plus, you can make special arrangements in advance with the Scouts to have them collect your scrap metals and pipes.  Click our event page for more info and a list of acceptable items and to learn more.

All sectors of society can and must play key roles in the green revolution—take the first step, no matter the size.  Together, we must invest in our planet.  We’d love to hear what changes you and your family have made.  Share your photos and stories with us by tagging  @cloverdalemall.

~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator