Celebrate Every MOMent

Posted on: May 4, 2020

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and with social distancing restrictions, many of us may not be able to visit the wonderful moms in our lives.  However, honoring her should not be missed.  Taking my mom out for brunch is a Mother’s Day tradition that we have had for years.  It gives us some quality one-on-one time with each other before we have the family gather together in the evening for a larger celebration.  Mother’s Day has always been a very special day in my family.  It’s a way to honor, cherish, and show appreciation for all that she’s done and continues to do.  This year, I will be celebrating with a virtual brunch date.  Being the foodie enthusiast that I am, I’ve been flipping through cookbooks to find the perfect recipe for us to try out.  I’ve narrowed it down to either Family-Style Chimichurri Steak and Egg Tacos or Coconut Fried Chicken and Pineapple Waffles.  These delish recipes can be found in “Brunch Life” by Matt Basile, available at Coles.  We will be preparing our meal together in our respective homes via ZOOM and enjoying each other’s company while toasting with a glass of mimosa.  If you normally don’t live in close proximity to a loved one, this is a great tradition to start for any occasion.  You can schedule virtual dinners or lunches with anyone no matter the distance or their geographical location.  I have some close friends that live outside the country and this is something that I definitely will be scheduling with them in the near future.

Haven’t picked up a card yet?  Hallmark is always my go-to place for all greeting cards and luckily Hallmark has an online option.  Visit Hallmark for a great selection of e-cards to send this year.

Wishing all the wonderful mothers a very safe and healthy Mother’s Day!

~Asna, Guest Services Coordinator