Camp-Friendly Vegetarian Meals

Posted on: August 14, 2022

Hello to all my vegetarian (and flexitarian—like me) friends!  And if you’re open to a meat-free meal, I’m talking to you too!  Camping has long been the domain of hot dogs and s’mores but save some space on the open fire for other delicious fare.  Pack your tent, sleeping bags, bug spray, and matches then consult these LCBO recipes for your grocery shopping list to fill up your cooler because it’s time to change up your camping menu!

No longer will the non-meat eaters be second thoughts with a box of frozen veggie burgers as the only option to sate our hunger.  We deserve flavour!  We deserve heartiness!  We demand choice!

The LCBO’s Food and Drink Summer 2022 magazine has some bright, flavourful, and camp-ready dishes that will soon become your go-to’s.  I know I’m excited to try out all five of their mouth-watering picks but my top three chosen meals are below.

Mushrooms and raisins may be controversial ingredients (you either love ‘em, or hate ‘em—I’m team mushrooms and team raisins), but when Grilled Cabbage Caesar with Mushroom “Bacon” or Leeks with Rough Romesco Sauce are on the menu you’ll welcome that fungus on your plate, and the sweetness of raisins will be an added textural and contrasting element.  For the last in the trio, treat yourself to the zingy, crunchy, and creamy Vinegar Peppers on Toast with Queso Fresco—cheesy with a vinegary bite, yes please!

Camping isn’t my favourite activity but with the lure of these veggie forward meals I could be drawn to a campsite with a pitched tent and a belly ready for smoke-kissed fare.  On your next camping trip try out some of the LCBO’s flavourful, unexpected, and tasty eats which will impress your hungry hoard.  Make sure to share with us all your vegetarian-friendly camp meals by tagging @cloverdalemall on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

~ Holly, Guest Services Coordinator