Beyond Meat

Posted on: July 21, 2018

Burgers, when done right can be the epitome of comfort food and A&W being one of my fav places to grab one (or two or three).  Their juicy burgers always pull me in.  I usually go for a teen burger with extra bacon and extra sauce mmmm . . . while always making sure I try their newest limited time burgers that they come out with every now and then.  However, those who are vegetarian or vegan may not always get as excited over a new burger like me.  Not vegan myself, but I do have a couple besties that are and it can be quite difficult finding food options that are also delicious.  Luckily A&W has launched a “Beyond Meat” plant-based burger by partnering with Beyond Meat, a company that specializes in making vegan products and are said to taste identical to the real thing.  These burgers have also been called the “bleeding burger”, but don’t be alarmed it’s only beet juice.  This helps the burger sizzle on the grill for a more authentic effect.  To be honest, being an avid carnivore, I was still quite skeptical about this burger but seeing the line up at A&W on launch day and everyone walking away with their own “Beyond Meat” burger, I had to see what the commotion was all about.  My verdict . . . I must say I was quite surprised and was not expecting the burger to actually taste so good.  It was flavourful, juicy and yummy!  They did a great job replicating the texture of real meat as it’s pretty much spot on.  I would definitely be able to tell the difference between this and real beef but it’s a delish alternative.  I’m glad to see more vegan options available at Cloverdale.