HOME(LAND) : Terra Firma – Artist on Site with Alexandra Gelis

May 28, 2022

Exhibition artist Alexandra Gelis will be on-site May 28th from 2:00 pm–4:00 pm to share aspects of their project, With – Living Migrant Relations, with visitors through conversations and demonstrations.
With – Living Migrant Relations exhibits plants, soil, bacteria, and stories of migration in a constant biological, political and reciprocal relationship.  The installation traces the transfer of seeds from their native environment to another, either by natural action (wind, water, animals) or by human intervention.  This relocation, informed by notions of resistance in the process of migration, allows plants to become allies who nourish the body, the land and the spirit.
With – Living Migrant Relations is part of HOME(LAND): Terra Firma, curated by @ClaudiaAranab now on view at the ArtworxTO Hub WEST: Cloverdale Common.  Through contemporary artwork from local and international artists, the exhibition tackles the issues of bio-politics, environmental governance, borders, displacement, and erasure from a perspective of individual and community resilience.

Alexandra Gelis is a Colombian-Venezuelan, media artist with a background in visual arts and currently a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Studies at York University.  Her work predominantly involves photography, video, electronic and digital processes.  Gelis’ work addresses the use of the image in relation to displacement, landscape and politics beyond borders or culturally specific subjects.

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📸 With – Living Migrant Relations by Alexandra Gelis