Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

February 1 through December 31

Take part in the Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt in Cloverdale.  Can you find them all?  Introducing Arts Etobicoke’s Augmented Reality project at Cloverdale, as part of ArtworxTO.

Arts Etobicoke in partnership with Augmented Reality expert and multidisciplinary lead-artist Luke Garwood created a variety of Augmented Reality experiences to explore at Cloverdale.  This project uses community-created content to develop 12 augmentations that will be placed throughout the Mall, adding one new experience monthly throughout the year, like an “AR scavenger hunt”.  Look for posters with images like the ones shown here and scan the QR code to experience the AR works.

The augmentations focus on the theme of “What is Etobicoke to you?” and were created with community involvement through the ArtworxTO Hub West–Cloverdale Common as part of ArtworxTO:  Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021–2022.

Scan the following QR code (or click the link below) and follow instructions to experience the AR activations.

QR code to scan to download Arts Etobicoke Augmented Reality App

Website Link:

Do you have questions?  Talk to an ArtworxTO West Hub staff member or pick up a flyer to learn more.