World Television Day Is Here!

Posted on: November 20, 2021

The days are getting colder and shorter, which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate World Television Day on November 21.  Whether you choose to spend it streaming, channel-surfing or revisiting old favourites on DVD, now is the perfect time to get your living room ready for some cozy TV time.

The first thing to do is make sure your home set-up is optimized with an amazing screen and all the easy-to-use gadgets and gizmos needed for channel-flipping.  Our friends at Home Hardware have some great options (and even friendlier staff) to upgrade your entire experience, from LED Smart TVs to Universal TV Remotes and everything in between.

Next, of course, is getting your couch as comfy as possible with cushy accents.  Swing by Winners and pick up some new pillows and throws in an array of fall colours, fabrics and finishes.

Or, wander over to Showcase, home of the hottest trends and “As Seen On TV” products, and score a Snuggie® in either plaid, blue or charcoal.  The optimal sofa set-up makes it even easier to binge an entire series’ season in one sitting!

Bell has a variety of entertainment packages that will give you access to your fave shows of today and yesterday.

At Sunrise Records, you’ll find a HUGE selection of past seasons of TV on DVD if you’ve found yourself missing the first run of such shows as The Wire, Schitt’s Creek, The Golden Girls and Outlander.  And if your TV habit has you losing track of time, Sunrise Records can keep you up to date with the Seinfeldia calendar and its 365 days of trivia from the show about nothing.

However you choose to celebrate World Television Day, to keep you entertained, Cloverdale has #allyouneed.  Make sure to tag @cloverdalemall with your favourite TV picks.

~ Claudia, Guest Services Representative