Winter Self-Care Week

Posted on: January 8, 2022

With cold weather comes new seasonal challenges to our mental health.  Don’t let this time of year get you down!  Here are some essentials to take extra special care of yourself during the winter season.

Self Care Tip #1:  Meditate.

Yes, this is great all year round, but in the winter meditation can help ease Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) a.k.a. “Winter Blues”.  Meditation stimulates the function of the pineal gland, creating more melatonin to promote relaxation and positive thoughts.  Mindfulness meditation can be achieved in multiple ways; practising non-judgmental acceptance, allowing your mind to rest on a single object or just breathing slow, deep breathes.  Also, make sure you have a comfortable rug to practise on and to protect you from the cold floor.  Browse through Salim International Rugs and Decor at Cloverdale to assist in achieving namaste.

Self Care Tip #2:  Take a winter walk.

Experts say there are so many wonderful benefits to taking a nice brisk walk—maintain mobility, improve blood pressure etc.  The cooler temperature can help you think more clearly, create a positive distraction with a change in scenery, and getting sunlight in winter can aid in Vitamin D intake.  If needed, you can add to that with Vitamin D supplements from Nature’s Counter at Cloverdale.  Consult your doctor about your individual needs.

Self Care Tip #3:  Indulge in hearty vegetables.

Squash, carrots, cabbage . . .
This time of year, increasing your consumption of these types of vegetables will do a fine job of warming you up after you come in from the cold.  Easy solution:  Metro has a wide selection of premade soups to choose from.  Looking to go homemade?  Create a hearty vegetable soup from one of Metro’s recipes here.  Try adding hints of ginger, paprika and/or cumin to your soup for a spicy kick!

Self Care Tip #4:  Take a soothing bath.

Climate can play an important role in bathing practices.  During winter, baths can actually help you manage inflammation and pain.  Just make sure your bath water isn’t scalding hot as this can remove the moisture from the skin, causing it to be dry and chapped.  And don’t over bathe—five to 10 minutes is sufficient.  Bath-time can still be fun, at Rexall they have bath bombs, bath salts—bath everything!  Studies have shown that having a hot bath before bedtime can provide warmth and aid in sleeping faster.

Self Care Tip #5: Winter Skin Care.

Winter’s extreme conditions can steal moisture from our skin.  A little extra time and effort can impede winter winds from wreaking havoc on our largest organ.  Increase water intake to add moisture from the inside out.  Switch out your body and face cleansers for more hydrating formulas.  Don’t forget your lips!  Regularly apply a non-irritating lip balm to keep them soft and supple.  Check out Dollarama’s selection of lip protection.

Self Care Tip #6:  Aromatherapy.

January can be a tough month as the days are short and the weather is cold.  A few drops of essential oils in a diffuser can ease one’s overall well-being.  Not all scents are the same.  Each has abilities to either improve your mood, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and/or lower stress.  Trying the scents of winter (peppermint or pine) can give a fragrant aroma that might remind you of special family traditions or memories from the past and help to purify your air.   For your aromatherapy needs look to Winners for diffusers, essential oils and more.

Self Care Tip #7:  Partake in a massage.

Massages are essential.  Especially in winter.  Lack of physical activity can lead to sore and stiff muscles.  A good massage can keep your muscles primed and ready, so you won’t do yourself in shovelling the driveway!  Essential Physio Rehabilitation in Cloverdale will ease your aches and pains of the season.

Bonus Tip:  Winter Fashion Fun.

Just because we must layer up on clothing in order to stay warm, doesn’t mean we can’t make it fashionable.  Mix and match pieces you may have never worn before or head to one of our many women’s fashion stores: ChelseaJulie’s,  Mix Max, Northern Reflections, Olsen, Winners and Zacks can help boost confidence in these winter months.

~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator