Winter Night Essentials 101

Posted on: November 15, 2018

As the temperatures drop and 5pm starts to look and feel like 8pm, my night time routine updates to incorporate the new season.  As someone who always needs to be cozy, I absolutely love this time of year.  As the evening draws, I start to unwind from my day at work and transport myself into a relaxing oasis.  I share with you my winter night essentials and hope that you are able to pick up on some tips to improve winter evenings.

Body Wash:  Hitting the shower after work helps me unwind and wash the days’ stress away.  I recommend using Eucalyptus Mint by OGX, it is calming and the cooling mint and eucalyptus oil will soothe your skin.  The Shea Butter and Sandalwood body wash by Love Beauty Planet is also a great option.  Shea Butter is an amazing hydrator and the sandalwood will soothe your skin.  Both these washes can be found at Rexall.

Face Mask:  It’s safe to say that winter is when my skin needs the most TLC, as the cold dry air can wreak havoc on our skin.  The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay has been creating beauty buzz for years now and for good reason too.  It will detoxify, remove impurities all while tightening and toning your skin.  Not just for winter, its a fab product to have year-round.  Pick some up at Showcase, your skin will thank you.

PJs:  I’m all about comfort and so whenever I’m home, I’m always in PJs.  You can find a great selection of fleece bottoms in super cute patterns at Fairweather.  They are warm and comfy, perfect for lazing around the house.

Candles:  Winners being one of my favourite stores to shop I personally love the Cloverdale location (no bias . . . fingers crossed).  Their selection in all departments is amazing.  I absolutely love the candle selection at Winners.  I typically like to go for fragrances like peppermint, vanilla, red apple, eucalyptus, apple pie, black currant, and candy cane during this time of year. . . Yes, my home needs to smell like Christmas.

Faux Fur Throw: There is nothing more luxurious than a faux fur throw on a cold winter night.  It gives your living a room a chic look by having it draped over your sofa.  Also, it’s so warm and cozy to curl up in.  Home Hardware may not necessarily be the first place you would think of when finding a store to pick one up at, but the Cloverdale location receives some ultra cozy faux fur throws during the winter months.

Tea:  A hot cup of delicious tea in hand is officially my favourite part of the evening.  Visit Metro and check out their line of Tetley teas available, from Chai Vanilla to Black Currant and from Camomile Lemon to Pure Peppermint.  With countless options, grab a few different flavours to switch it up every now and then.

I may not be always be able to incorporate all the above each evening, but even just a couple of these steps can help elevate your night time routine and help fight the winter blues.