Thermoses in Style!

Posted on: March 9, 2021

Remember that macaroni and cheese you cooked the other night, the stir fry that you just mastered, or the green tea that you always sip in the morning but can never quite finish?  I bet you do!  I felt the same way, reminiscing about all of my favourite home cooked meals that I would “forget” to bring to work, fearing the time I’d waste warming it up or dreading the steamy on the top while cold at the bottom situation.  Then suddenly it hit me, I needed a thermos!  A hot lunch makes all the difference during a long day at work and the best way to ensure you allow such difference to shine is by owning a thermos.  Kitchen Stuff Plus has all the thermoses you need to transfer your tasty hot meals to work and enjoy them at the ready, by simply opening the lid!

Essential workers will definitely want to get their hands on a brand-new Thermos from Kitchen Stuff Plus.  As Covid-19 precautions have prevented us from using many shared kitchen amenities, the best option is to bring all your favourites from home and relax while you indulge in your quick and ready to go lunch.

With a thermos, there is no longer a worry or hassle to use the microwave or the coffeemaker at work. The thermos is a great alternative for these amenities, and even better because you never need to reheat; you’ll get surplus hours of a warm meal and beverage!  Kitchen Stuff Plus has many kinds of thermoses to keep your food, coffee and tea warm!  They’ve got small, medium, and large, pink, silver and blue!  There are so many to choose, you may find yourself ordering a few.

Head on over to Kitchen Stuff Plus to explore the selection of various thermoses, and once you find the “one”, place your order and select click and collect at Cloverdale Mall!  After your order is placed you’ll receive a confirmation email outlining all the details you need to know and when your order is ready you can head over to Curbside Pick-up Location B to receive your lovely new thermos or thermoses!

~ Bianca, Guest Services Representative