The Quintessential Road Trip

Posted on: May 14, 2019

It seems like everyone around me is planning a summer getaway.  It’s great to just pack a suitcase and fly off to the turquoise waters of Turks and Caicos, Bora Bora or the Maldives, but what about a good old-fashioned road trip?  They take much less planning and are easier to schedule.  Don’t get me wrong tropical destinations are amazing.  The clear water, palm trees and white sand beaches will give you a true sense of relaxation, but if done right, road trips can be just as fun.  Ontario has some fab places for you to discover.  Visit Thousand Islands and take a boat tour, work on your tan at Sauble Beach, rent a cottage in Muskoka or check out my personal favourite, Tobermory.  It’s about a 4 hour drive from Toronto and home to the Grotto and Flower Pot Island.  Its crystal clear turquoise waters will make you believe you’re at a tropical destination.  There’s nothing like breeze blowing in your hair and the open road welcoming you to a day of adventure.  A road trip can go south pretty quick if you are not prepared.  I’ve put together a list of road trip must-haves in order for you to have the best time.

Every road trip needs the ultimate playlist.  Keep everyone in the car happy by curating a playlist while keeping everyone’s music preference in mind .  Make sure you’ve got tunes for miles.

Don’t get lost!  If your car doesn’t have a built in GPS, make sure to save your google maps so they are available offline.  Remember once you leave the city depending on where you’re going, you may not  always have signal.  You can also pick up a GPS for your car at The Source.

It’s important to stay hydrated and stay healthy during your drive.  I always have a case of water in my trunk making it easy to grab a drink when I’m out.  If you don’t normally keep water in the car with you, pick up a case of H2O at Metro before your trip.  While your there, grab a few snacks for the road as well.  I recommend picking up fruit, popcorn and protein bars for healthy mess-free snacking.

Travel Neck Pillow
Share the driving to ensure that every driver is well rested, making your trip safer.  Take a siesta when its not your turn to drive in order to be fully charged once its your turn to take the wheel.  Visit Bentley for their selection of travel neck pillows.  I suggest getting one with memory foam for extra comfort.

Grab your BFF’s this Victoria Day long weekend and embark on your new adventure.