The Hunt Is On!

Posted on: April 17, 2019

The flowers are blooming, the bunnies are hopping and the egg hunt is on!  When I was a child, every Easter we would go to my aunt’s house for Easter dinner and my favourite, her annual Ester egg hunt.  She took great pride in her tradition, skillfully hiding all the Easter eggs throughout her backyard and porch.  All us kids would gather at her place with our colourful Easter baskets and the hunt was on!  As we grow older it’s now our turn to host our very own egg hunt and start our own tradition.  Throwing your own egg hunt can be pretty simple, all you really need are some delicious chocolate eggs and great hiding places.  For all your Easter yummies, head over to Laura Secord.  They have a variety of chocolate eggs such as your traditional milk chocolate as well as coconut, caramel and crispy chocolate eggs.  Grab a few of their larger chocolate bunnies and hide them in harder to find spots for a bigger reward.   For festive baskets for the children to collect their treats in, check out Dollarama.  Along with colourful baskets, you’ll find tons of Easter décor including plastic Easter eggs that you can fill with treats for your hunt.  For all the adults, pick up some salted caramel fondue from Laura Secord, who says Easter is only for kids?