The Complete Halloween Gotta Gets!

Posted on: October 28, 2022

“This is Halloween, this is Halloween . . . ”

Like the popular “A Nightmare Before Christmas,” we’re about to get really into a holiday—Halloween!  Cloverdale’s got the goods for your décor, costumes, makeup, and sweet treats so follow along as we go on our own trick-or-treat jaunt through Cloverdale Mall.

I like to start at  opens in a new windowDollarama as they always have on-theme décor.  The classics include cobwebs, tombstones, and a bat or two.  Nothing says scary like facing your mortality!

Hang a left out of Dollarama and then you’re at  opens in a new windowKitchen Stuff Plus for the best in mood lighting, you can’t welcome the frights with sunlight so bide your time and when the moon is high in the sky set up your LED lanterns (for safety and longevity).  Well-placed lighting creates spooky shadows!

Look across the way and  opens in a new windowWinners beckons with some creative, but easy costume finds.  Wednesday Adams is finally getting her due with a Netflix series “Wednesday,”—a lot of black, possibly a white collared shirt and your two braids and attitude.  Maybe, you’re a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan like me and want to pay homage to ghost Willow—head to the back of the store and find yourself a white sheet.  Simple.  Effective.

Then we’re heading up the length of the mall to the north side for candy and chocolate at  opens in a new windowBulk ‘n’ Bits, don’t skimp on the goods you’ll need enough for the drive home, your guests, AND trick or treaters!

Trek on over to  opens in a new windowRexall for the makeup to complete whatever look you need; Wednesday Adams is pale so wash yourself out!  Don’t forget they have candy too—think of the children!

You’re nearing the end—the west is the best, opens in a new windowMetro’s got pumpkins!  Pick up enough to line your front stairs because you’re definitely carving pumpkins for the neighbours to gawk at, the kiddos to marvel at, and the ghosts and goblins lurking in the shadows to burrow into.

Make sure to tag @cloverdalemall when you set up your Halloween décor, porches, and lawns, and don your costumes.  “Witching you a happy Halloween!”

~Holly, Guest Services Coordinator