Thanksgiving Trends of 2022

Posted on: October 8, 2022

With the temperature dropping, and the tree leaves turning colour, these are the first signs of what’s to come–Thanksgiving! Oh, but this year, lets try something more than just the traditional turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.  Lets be thankful for the newest and hottest Thanksgiving meal trends this year.

Have you ever heard of a butter board?  Hold off on presenting the charcuterie to your guests when they arrive.  This concept is just as simple and perfect for this season of giving.  A butter board is built by spreading softened butter on a wooden board, which can be found at Winners, alongside chunks of high-quality, toasted bread.  Make this platter even better by dressing up the butter with herbs like tarragon, chive or sage–or have a crack at flavored butters like apple, honey and peach.  Scroll throw plenty of butter recipes on the Metro website.  Now comes the toppings.  Add whatever tickles your fancy–nuts, goat cheese, fruits and meats; include edible flowers to make your guests feel extra special this Thanksgiving.  Those with germ-related worries, prepare for them to be easily crushed with the addition of a butter knife for application.  If you are not into spreading butter on the board, serve your butters in ramekins, from Kitchen Stuff Plus, and place them on the board, surrounded by the other toppings and bread pieces.  For a visual, glance at Metro’s Instagram account for a sweet and salty rendition of a butter board.  TIP: Plate pieces of a crusty bread type like sourdough or whole wheat next to your creation.

How about no turkey this year?  That’s correct.  Many are looking for vegetarian recipes to replace the bird.  There are so many delicious plant-based mains that you can serve.  Metro’s squash and sweet potato casserole is sure to be a hit!  Place it alongside already mostly vegetarian sides like cozy soups, and fresh fall salads.  Mushrooms are back by popular demand and can be used as a main dish too, by stuffing portobello mushrooms with apples, garlic and cheese.  Mmmm . . .

More vegetarian and vegan holiday recipes can be found at Coles. Try Katie Culpin’s ‘Vegan Holiday Cookbook’ or ‘Vegan For The Holidays’ by Zel Allen.

Bring some spice to your baking.  On the dessert menu this year better be something with a kick!  For dessert dive into a spicy chocolate fondue.  Grab a fondue set on the Kitchen Stuff Plus website.   The combination of chocolate, milk, vanilla bean infused cream, cinnamon stick, and chili pepper is sure to have the family drooling for more.  Put aside fruit like watermelon and apple and dip pieces of exotic fruit like lychee, dragonfruit and durian into the fiery chocolate fondue.  SPICY TIP: Want some spice during the main meal?  Slip in a bit of ginger when cooking your cranberry sauce.

Now you have some ideas on how to switch it up this Thanksgiving.  Surprise your family with some unexpected, and tasty eats.   Let us know what meals your family is cooking this year by tagging @cloverdalemall on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator