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Tech Fever

Posted on: April 19, 2021

In need of a new device to keep you connected to loved ones?  Cloverdale has a great selection of telecommunication providers available to assist you with the latest and greatest in technology and affordable plans to meet every budget.

Whether its time for an upgrade, your phone needs a quick repair, or you want to splurge for the latest and greatest in devices we’ve got you covered.

Freedom Mobile is currently offering an amazing deal.  You can get an iPhone 11 and save at the same time!  Set up a two year contract and you can get an iPhone 11 (64 GB) with 5GB of Fast LTE Data for $65.00 a month.  The iPhone 11 has great features, from the 12 MP Camera Resolution to the beautiful variety of colours (black, white and red)!

Are you looking for the iPhone 12?  If so, Bell has a great promotion for you.  You can get an iPhone 12 on Canada’s fastest 5G network starting at $26.00 a month.  The iPhone 12 is the latest iPhone with a tough ceramic shield and a dual 12 MP camera system great for photos, videos and FaceTime calls with your loved ones!  The phone is also water resistant and suitable for wireless charging.  Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Tablets have been evolving over the years, with tons of features that are out of this world!  Try the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 for $0 down and $5.00 a month.  This tablet is a dream; you can text, send emails, take photos and use GPS.  To top it off, there is so much storage on this device, with an expandable memory of up to 512 GB!  You can take this tablet absolutely anywhere you need to go!  Visit Rogers, to get your hands on this great deal.

Google phones are fantastic!  The Google Pixel 4a (5G) is worth $800.00, but not to worry Fido sells the phone with no down payment required and a monthly bill starting at $15.00 a month.  This phone has 128 GB of storage, a strong battery life, and Google Assistant when you most need it!  Make an appointment to speak to a Fido representative today!

Want to know more about Apple AirPods and potentially own a pair?  Well, Wireless Wave can assist you with all your inquiries.  They currently have a promotion in which you can you can purchase the Apple AirPods for $219.00, or go even bigger and spend $330.00 on the latest AirPods; Apple AirPods Pro!

Ever heard of an LG Velvet?  Sounds luxurious doesn’t it?  Koodo has a great deal on this item, with a $0 down payment you can own this LG Velvet smartphone.  This device will allow you to view the full picture of shows and movies, and take great photos that stay sharp even when you zoom in!

Decided on which device you’re getting?  I knew you would!  Once you’ve selected the device that suits all your needs, head to Wireless Plus to view a variety of accessories for your brand new item including customized device protection cases, earphones, chargers and more.

Through their “can-do” and positive customer service I am 110% certain that whichever store you visit, you will leave with exactly what you came for and will keep you connected with your loved ones.

*All promotions noted above may be subject to change without noticeContact the provider of your choice for more details and to book an appointment before heading to the shopping centre.

~ Bianca, Guest Services Representative