Outdoor Fun!

Outdoor Fun!

Posted on: May 20, 2021

Mr. Golden sun has come out to play and Cloverdale has everything you and the little one’s need to get out and enjoy the wide-open spaces (or even your backyard).  I know we are all a little tired of the drudgery of our extended time indoors and increased screen time so with the climbing temps and the sun fighting its way through the clouds, let’s see what Cloverdale has to get you moving, spending quality time with the family and making friends with the sun.

If you’re sports inclined:  Toy City Plus has soccer and tennis balls to get you running off all that pent up energy!

More strategy game based:  Home Hardware has a croquet set so you can pretend you’re in an Alice in Wonderland adventure.  Or maybe you’re looking to jump your cares away:  opt for Home Hardware’s multi-coloured skipping rope (I have a rainbow-coloured one!).

Finally, what day outside would be complete without a flying disc?  That, too, can be found at Home Hardware.

Everything needed to get you moving and having fun outdoors can be found at Cloverdale, ensure you call ahead to Toy City Plus and Home Hardware for delivery or curbside pickup options.

Holly ~ Guest Services Representative