Stay Chill

Posted on: August 9, 2019

We have already turned in our hot coffees for iced coffees but there are other many more options to explore this summer thanks to Tim Hortons line of summer drinks.  If you are not a coffee lover or you are looking for a refreshing caffeine-free option, sweeten up your summer with refreshing slushies in classic flavours such as cherry and blue raspberry.  For ultimate childhood nostalgia there is a Jolly Rancher slushy in the line up as well.  It is sweet and tangy and packed with cherry, blue raspberry and green apple Jolly Rancher pieces.  Sweet!

Tim Hortons has also released a line of beverages called “Creamy Chills” which is their take on the classic milkshake.  These creamy beverages combine real cream and the delicious flavour of either strawberry, chocolate or vanilla.  The latest addition to this line is the ‘Mango Creamy Chill’  which is absolutely delish topped with whipped cream and mango purée drizzle.  I’ve had my eye on this drink since it released and will definitely be picking one up on my next Tim’s run.

For those of you who crave coffee like myself, the salted caramel iced capp is perfect for you.  Salty meets sweet in this new twist on the classic iced capp.  Another honorable mention is the Oreo Iced Capp.  Oreo’s are one of my favourite cookies and I always make sure that my pantry is well stocked with them.  Oreos are without doubt one of the most loved cookies and this beverage combines the classic iced capp with delicious Oreos.

Remember, all these beverages are limited edition so make sure to try them before they are all gone.