Spring into Cleaning at Cloverdale!

Posted on: April 7, 2022

Spring is in the air, and cleaning is the best part of starting fresh for the season!  I’m a huge, neat freak and know that a clean-looking home is a healthy, happy one!
Start Spring off by ridding yourself of dust and cobwebs and tidying away out-of-season clothes and all that is cluttering your space.

Here are four fast and easy tips that anyone can do to give their home a mini-Spring cleaning makeover and keep it looking fresh and inviting year-round (plus, a bonus at the end for all you neat freaks like me):

  1. Get everyone involved.  No matter who, everyone in your home can clean!
    If you have children, make it fun and assign a simple task such as picking up their toys with Home Hardware’s Ettore Grip N Grab tool or washing dishes in the kitchen sink with the Mr. Potato Head look-alike, the Joie Mr. Potato Scrub Brush, found at Kitchen Stuff Plus.  Or, my favourite hack, let them give the tub a scrub while in a bubble bath using Kitchen Stuff Plus’ colour-changing Scrub Mommy with a dollop or two more of Rexall’s Foam Bath, available in a variety of fragrances.
  2. Tackle Spring cleaning room by room.
    Cleaning your entire home can be overwhelming.  All the best cleaning experts suggest breaking down your home room by room and choosing a different day to clean each so that you’re not overwhelmed.  Cloverdale’s Coles bookstore can help you create your cleaning plan of action with its exclusive Large Monthly Dry Erase Calendar, an erasable monthly calendar that covers seven days a week up to 35 days and features designated space to inspire month after month of satisfying task accomplishment.
  3. Have a place to store things temporarily.
    It’s okay to have a place to store things that you don’t want to put away properly just yet.  Create a safe space for them with the many sturdy plastic storage-box solutions from Home Hardware or with attractive decorative boxes such as Kitchen Stuff Plus’ Collapsible Storage Bins, which come in a variety of styles and colours and fold flat to easily store when no longer needed.
  4. Choose the cleaning products and scents that are right for you.
    The most popular cleaning products on the market today may not answer your needs.  Instead, choose what is right for you and your home, be it the item’s scent, chemical makeup or otherwise. Explore the wide array of cleaning products for all your Spring cleaning needs at Home Hardware and Kitchen Stuff Plus, including these favourites of mine:
  • Exclusive to Kitchen Stuff Plus, you will be daydreaming of a vacay when you add fresh, sunny Mediterranean scent to your home cleaning with its Fruits & Passion Cucina Collection all-purpose cleaner, made from renewable ingredients and safe and effective on any non-porous surface.  This same Fruits & Passion Cucina Collection also features a line of Mediterranean-scented room-spray mists that blends nicely with the aroma of home-cooking while also freshening the air in your home.
  • Found at Home Hardware, non-toxic biodegradable Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner and Degreaser eliminates grease, grime and stains in a snap.  As well, check out the All-Purpose Double-Strength Vinegar available at Home Hardware.  This stronger vinegar formulation is a cost-effective greener natural alternative to harsh cleaners and chemicals that safely removes dirt, stains, mold, mineral deposits and odors from most household surfaces and items.

The Tough Stuff
Extra tips for even the more challenging of cleaning chores:

  • Clean your Winter-wind-grimed window screens with Home Hardware’s Ettore Clean Screens Window Screen Wipes, moist towelettes specially made to attract dust and dirt and leave no lint behind when the job’s done.  Free from harmful cleaning agents, it’s safe to use on metal, vinyl, and painted surfaces.
  • Always remember to wear gloves and, if working with heavily fumed products, don a safety mask.
  • Clean with reusable eco-friendly materials such as Kitchen Stuff Plus’ Harman Eco-Friendly Reusable Sponge Cloths that come in many fun designs and are also important to use for both your health and the environment.
  • If you do choose to use paper products, try to find recycled or compostable options.  Using eco-friendly items will not only give you a sparkling clean home, but they will help give you peace of mind as well.

Spring-cleaning your home doesn’t have to be difficult.  Cloverdale has #allyouneed to get your clean on!  We’d love to learn some of your favourite Spring-cleaning tips.  Share them with us by tagging @cloverdalemall on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

~ Claudia, Guest Services Representative