Spooktacular Halloween Movie Picks

Posted on: October 19, 2022

Halloween is prime scary movie time.  The sun sets earlier, the weather is cooler, and the candy is free flowin’, so there’s no better time to use your big screen TV to revisit some classic frights and some new spooks!  Whether you’re looking for a PG scare or a nightmare inducing movie marathon, Cloverdale Mall’s Sunrise Records has something for all.

The classics are just that—tried and true.  Jamie Lee Curtis is the Scream Queen, so fire up the OG 1978 “Halloween” and see how many in the franchise you can manage before the fear takes over.  Speaking of fear and franchises, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” will have you afraid to fall asleep lest “Freddy” come for you!  My favourite is 1996’s “The Craft,” which you can double bill with another ’96 gem, “Scream”—both starring Canadian scary movie icon, Neve Campbell.

For family-friendly frights “Hocus Pocus” is always a solid bet and with the sequel just released you’ll be primed for a couple of hours with the Sanderson sisters.  “Coraline” is a grim reminder that the grass isn’t always greener!

Looking for a modern scary movie; any of Jordan Peele’s oeuvre will have you white knuckling the couch arm rests, Sunrise Records has a trio of “Get out,” “Us,” and “Nope” to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Which ever film you choose, keep the blankets handy in case you need to throw one over your head.  The jump scares may get you so keep your dog close by to snag any flying popcorn and make sure to tag @cloverdalemall with all your shaking like a leaf, blood running cold, blood curdling scream movie choices.

~ Holly, Guest Services Coordinator