Spin Me Round, Baby

Posted on: October 4, 2019

Music makes everything better. It brings people together and inspires laughter, tears, dance, etc.  From back when we would listen to our Walkman to today where everything is digital and stored online.  Each song is different with its own beat, instruments, melody and the lyrics of a song can mean something different to all of us.  Good music transcends generations which is why Frank Sinatra is still relevant.  I have to admit, I do have a Spotify subscription and a playlist for basically everything, i.e. workout, party, relaxing, etc., but there is something about listening to a vinyl record that you just can’t seem to get from a digital copy.  There are those evenings where I love to just come home after a long day and play my Lionel Richie classics.  Just sitting back and listening for the essence and atmosphere that comes along with it, while I sip on a glass on red wine that I picked up at LCBO before heading home.  If you have never listened to vinyl, I highly suggest you do so.  It may not always have the clarity of digital but you will find that there is a subtle perfection in even the crackle.  In an age where everything seems to be online, vinyl is growing in popularity.  Sunrise Records has a wide selection of vinyl records, from classics to news hits, there’s a tune for everyone.  Don’t have a record player?  You can pick up a charming suitcase-style Crosley player at Sunrise Records as well.