Sounds Like A Plan

Posted on: June 28, 2023

What kind of planner are you?  When it comes to productivity—you know, getting things done, do you have the tools needed to excel.  Forget the apps or gadgets out there! I’m talking about writing down your to-do list or schedule for the day, which research has shown makes you feel more on track on the task.  Since productivity is key when it comes to completing life’s day-to-day duties.  Let Coles help you increase productivity with their stationary planners, journals and notebooks. Scribble down your thoughts, ideas, grocery lists, etc., and feel more engaged in the task at hand!

Here are some stationary options to help you plan ahead:

📝 THE FIVE MINUTE JOURNAL | Intelligent Change
Uses proven elements of positive-thinking psychology and list-prompts that encourage you to reflect and evaluate.  This perfect-sized journal to carry around (5″ x 8″) offers you an inspiring way to start and end your day.  Available in green, blush, yellow, black and royal blue.
Get your long-term goals and ideas flowing with this three-month goal planner!  A quarter is an ideal amount of time for setting and accomplishing goals – just long enough to really see results but short enough to keep up momentum and motivation.  With this open dated planner keep track whether you want to accomplish something professionally, creatively or personally.
Streamline your everyday routine and feel inspired to tackle personal goals one day at a time.  Note your goals for the day, keep track of daily tasks, monitor daily exercise, and make a note of your go-to song of the day!
Here comes the bride!  Keep track of all your wedding day details like guest registry, vendors, venues and more in this vegan leather covered wedding planner.  Includes four tabbed categories and front-and-back storage pockets.
Take your relationship to the next level with this mystery scratch book as your guide! You’ll find spontaneity, romance and excitement in the fifty adventures you scratch off and journal your experiences.

This stunning journal monogrammed with the letter of your choice in a modern black and white profile is paired with classic book binding, smooth and lightly lined FSC-certified pages and a ribbon marker for a reliable desktop journal you’ll turn to again and again.

📝BONUS: If you love florals then you have to get the Large Notebook Set from the NOTA Romantic Collection.  Five 80-page, ruled notebook each come in a  different cover design to easily catalogue by function and subject, and a rounded silhouette lends a stylish touch.  This collection also has a coordinating Printed Gel Pen Set—four retractable tip pens with floral printed barrels.

 As author Alan Lakein once said: “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”  Tag @cloverdalemall with all your dreams, goals and ideas— and your reflections!
~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator