Say Cheese!

Posted on: May 22, 2018

In today’s digital age, everything seems to be in the intangible form, call me old school but I’m a traditionalist.  I love buying my books from a book store rather than downloading them to a Kobo, browsing through DVDs and picking the flick for the night instead of browsing through multiple platforms (Netflix, Amazon Video, Crave TV) and flipping through a photo album over viewing photographs on a screen.  There’s a feeling of satisfaction you get from actually holding a photograph that you don’t get from a digital copy.

After every vacation, trip or family affair, I find myself on my sofa with an empty album and a coffee table covered in photographs.  While I arrange and rearrange photos, I relive the moments through the images as I’m telling a story through my album.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini camera takes me back to the traditional way of making memories.  It’s super cute with its chubby shape and vintage feel and comes in an array of fab colours; blue, pink, yellow, white, etc.  Really simple to use, just point, shoot and wait for the magic to happen.  The best part is seeing everyone’s excitement while waiting for the photo to develop.  You’ll find me working on my new album of Instax mini photos this weekend.

By the way, when you’re heading over to The Source to pick up your own Instax Mini make sure to also pick up a chic case to carry it in, makes it easier to take on your travels with an extra dose of cuteness!

~ Asna