Sangria Summer

Posted on: June 12, 2018

As much as I love a fun and exciting girls night out, I also truly enjoy a relaxing girls night in with my gals.  It’s a time to unwind from a busy work week and get the scoop on each other’s lives, share stories and laughter.  While my go-to drink to serve is usually red wine, in the summer I like to swap the wine bottle out and make it a Sangria Girls Night In.  Now I now what you’re thinking, mixers . . . syrups . . . seems too fussy, right?  I agree.  As much as I love entertaining, after a busy work week I want something simple to do and plan.

I was walking through LCBO one Friday evening, picking out a bottle of wine for my mini fiesta that night, when I came across bottles of Girls’ Night Out Sangria.  A ready-to-pour sangria available in many varieties to choose from.  Take the Peach Raspberry Rumba for example.  It’s bursting with flavours of raspberry and sweet ripe peaches.  All you need to do is pour into cute glasses, add ice, some fresh summer fruit and Voilà!  Add ice and your favourite pieces of fruit.  Choose juicy berries for a sweet sip or go for orange, lemon and grapefruit slices for a burst of citrus tang and colour.  It’s the perfect simple summer drink and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.  Cheers.

~ Asna