Roll Out The Carpet

Posted on: January 3, 2020

A rug is a great addition to any home and can easily spruce the place up.  It enhances your décor  as they come in just about every colour, design, material and shape you can imagine.  It can bring together different elements in a room and pull together various colours in the décor.  Carpet is a lot softer than hardwood and much more comfortable to stand and walk on.  When I was picking out a rug for my living room, I knew I needed one quite large for my space and wanted something super soft, thick and something so plush that my feet would just sink in.  I ended up choosing a high pile, ultra soft rug in a neutral shade to match my white and chrome coffee table.  It gives a very warm and cozy feeling which is what I was going for.  If you have a small space, a rug can help divide and separate different areas in a room.  Although European and Persian styles have a timeless appeal, there are many modern and contemporary alternatives to work with as well.  A rug can be chosen to compliment your room décor or the rug itself can be a statement.  Make sure to take measurements of your space and decide how big or small you will need the rug to be before you start shopping.  No matter what type of rug you are searching for, Salim International Rugs & Décor is a great place to go. They have countless styles of rugs to choose from.  They also carry an array of art work, perfect for adding a little something to your walls.  I suggest picking up artwork and a rug that compliment each other to really tie your room together.

~Asna, Guest Services Coordinator