Pumpkin Decorating Party

Posted on: October 24, 2023

This Halloween, have your pumpkins be your canvas!  Better yet—host a Pumpkin Decorating Party.  Invite your friends over where they can bring out their creepy and creative side by painting and drawing on Halloween Pumpkins.  Use real pumpkins or artificial ones if you want them to last forever.  After you have your pumpkins, grab some inspiration by creating a mood board.  Trick: research the latest in pumpkin trends for the season.  For the Halloween and harvest season, you may look for pumpkin designs that align more closely with your personal style and color preferences.  Express your ghoulish style by choosing your favourite Halloween patterns, graphics (bats and spiders, anyone?) and color palettes.  This style can be haunting and fun! Individuality is in for 2023.  So you can go a different route and try—pastel and sparkles!  Yes, colours like lilac, pale pink, and baby blue are the hottest trend for Halloween.  Next, head to Dollarama for your art tools and supplies: paint brushes, black permanent markers, metallic markers, sparkles, glue guns, and don’t forget rolls of kraft paper to cover the table.  When it comes to paint I suggest acrylic.  It’s quick-drying, easy to use, and clean-up is easy.  Trick: Acrylic is water-based paint, so  if you mess up, wipe it off with a rag and start over!  When it comes to your pumpkin designs, do what your bloody heart desires!  Who cares if some may scream and others may boo—that’s the point!

Trick-or-treat yourself with these tips:

  • Create simple designs for smaller pumpkins like dots, or stripes in one color all over.
  • Follow the ridges to make vertical stripes.
  • Go wild art with add-ons like pom poms, sparkles, stickers and adhesive rhinestones.
  • Create a collective mood from two or three various sizes of pumpkins with coordinating designs.

Now get the pumpkin party started!  I wish you and your ghoul friends a creepy Halloween. Tag @cloverdalemall to share your pumpkin decorating tricks.
Have a gourd time . . . and Happy Halloween!

~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator