Power of Red

Posted on: February 26, 2020

A couple weeks ago was the one of the most glamourous events in Hollywood – The Oscars. I decided to gather a few friends and watch the award show at home.  We love seeing what all our favourite celebrities are wearing and what hair and makeup they decided to go with.  This year the red lip seemed to dominate the red carpet.  The red lip truly surpasses beauty trends and lives as a classic.  It showcases confidence and femininity.  It can take your make up game to a whole new level and sometimes all you need is a little rouge and that’s about it.

The great thing about red lipstick is that it works with everyone skin tone.  Browsing through Rexall, you can find an array of red lip colours.  Choose from different shades and undertones to find the perfect classic red lip for you.

L’Oreal Britsh Red – This bright red with blue undertones demands attention.

Maybelline Austyn – This orangey-red colour is perfect if you prefer a warmer red.

NYX Sandman – This is a deeper red and is perfect for a night out.

Revlon Fire and Ice – This lipstick is a classic favourite, so popular that one sells every 4 minutes!  It’s the perfect shade to take you from work to night.

New to red? If you’re hesitant, try dabbing a bit of the colour on your lips and blending out with your finger to give a much subtle look.

~Asna, Guest Services Coordinator