Pop it!

Posted on: November 8, 2018

What would you do without your phone?  Hard to imagine, isn’t it?  Seems almost like a nightmare . . .  I think it’s safe to say our cell phones are our most treasured electronic device and luckily it comes with an array of accessory options.  The most popular accessory of course, being a cell phone case, allows you to have some fun and dress up your phone in different colours, patterns and textures while keeping it protected from potential damage.  I personally prefer gel cases versus hard cases as I find that I have a better grip on my device and I whenever I do drop my phone, I find the gel case absorbs the impact a lot more than a hard case – flashback to last winter when I dropped my phone five successful times on ice with zero damage.

A neat little gadget I remember seeing not too long ago are dust plugs for your phone.  They plug right into your earphone input and have a delightful charm attached to it.  The dust plug prevents dust from building up inside your device and is a cute accessory that comes is pretty much every design, from a ice cream cone to Hello Kitty.

The latest phone accessory sensation seems to be the Pop Sockets.  Shaped as a button, Pop Sockets attach easily to the back of your phone.  You simply expand  the Pop Socket and you have a secure grip while you text, take pictures and multitask.  If you have small hands like me, then you will definitely love this little gadget, especially since phone screens are getting bigger with every new release – the new iPhone Xs Max (available at the Fido store at Cloverdale) has a whopping 6.5” display!  Quite popular amongst celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Ryan Seacrest, these little buttons are taking over by storm.  Before I forget, this little device is an absolute game changer for taking selfies.  Meaning no more having your hand wrapped awkwardly around your phone while you search for the perfect angle but making sure you can still reach the centre button to capture the shot all while hoping and praying that your phone doesn’t slip from your grasp and end up with the ill fated cracked screen (Pssst!  Not to worry, if that ever does happen to you, our friends at Wireless + can assist in fixing that screen for you).   Of course, just like our fashion accessories, we love to mix it up every now then.  Pop Sockets come in countless numbers of patterns and prints, from mermaid scales to marble to unicorns to brushed silver to a yummy sprinkled donut, all available at Showcase.  If you’re looking for something a bit more customized, you can create your own design on the official Pop Socket website.

p.s. It’s never to early to start your Holiday shopping, these babies will serve as an awesome stocking stuffer.