Pie in the Sky 

Posted on: May 3, 2018

Sweet or savory. Double crust or single crust. Weekday or weeknight. Put a slice of pie in front of me and call me satisfied.

Hot Oven Bakery is the place I bee-line to for the classics—apple pie and chicken pot pie. Some might say a double dose of pie is excessive, but I say happiness is buttery, flakey, and triangle shaped.  Nothing beats the comforting scent of apples and cinnamon nor the mouth watering aroma of chicken enveloped in a creamy perfect gravy wrapped up in the most golden pastry to grace your eyes.

A couple of minutes in the oven to warm and crisp and you’ve got the perfect plateful to sit back and watch the sun set.

Pie is old school. Pie is versatile. Pie is comfort. Pie is filling. Pie is the sweet treat to cap off our day. Indulge and take your heart and mind back to the memories of the other times the classic pie has warmed you from the inside out.

~ Holly