Petal Talk

Posted on: May 2, 2019

April showers bring May flowers.  We have bid our farewell to winter and now welcome the buds, flowers, colours and lots of sunshine that comes with Spring and Summer.  Floral arrangements are a beautiful way to bring the cheerful season into your home and add colour to your indoor and outdoor spaces.  Starting at your door step, welcome your guests with a gorgeous floral wreath of springtime blossoms on your door.  Find the perfect one at Winners along with many faux arrangements for your home.  Faux arrangements are a great option, they come in many different styles and require minimal maintenance.  For my dining table I prefer having a fresh bouquet of flowers and Metro is my go-to.  They have an amazing flower department, with fresh blooms that are constantly replenished.  You won’t find even one single wilted flower.  Light pink and white peonies are my absolute favourite this time of year.  They make for a glamourous aesthetic and are very Instagrammable.  I also have a few small faux arrangements of peonies in round rose gold vases that I picked up at Winners and they instantly elevate any setting.  Don’t forget the outdoors, this is the time of year to make that green thumb of yours just a bit greener.  You’ll be able to get your hands on an assortment of plant bulbs for a colourful garden with minimal effort at Metro.  Flowers have a way of brightening up our mood and refreshing our home, so next time you’re at Cloverdale find the perfect arrangements for your home.