Perfectly Polished

Posted on: July 11, 2018

A lot of things scream summer such as ice cream, BBQ’s and pool parties.  For me, a set of perfectly painted nails in a bright hue not only brings out that summer vibe but completes my whole look by adding the finishing touch.  Summer is my chance to play with bold shades and make a statement with my nails.  It’s the ideal time to experiment and have fun with colour.  Hot pinks, vibrant blues, neon orange, bright sky blue . . . so many options to choose from.  Currently I’m taking tips from Barbie and sporting a bright pink that compliments my summer tan.  Luckily for your Instagram gallery, summer nails are highly instagramable as well.  Whether your backdrop is a tropical beach or a pool with a unicorn floatie, your nails will pop and grab attention.  In order to achieve photo ready nails, you’ll need to have a manicurist that can make your nail dreams come true.  If you’ve never been to Cloverdale Nails before, I highly recommend you make your next nail appointment there STAT!  The manicurists are highly skilled and dedicated to giving you nails that you’ll fall in love with.  If you are talented enough to do your own nails then I highly recommend you check out Essie’s line of nail colours available at Rexall.  It’s a great formula and they have a rainbow of colours to choose from, my personal favourites for summer being Haute To Trot, Exhibitaline and On the List.

For my next visit to Cloverdale Nails, it’s a toss up between bright coral and a sea green.  Seems like I’ll have to flip a coin on this one.