Perfect Ponytail

Posted on: January 9, 2019

We spend our valuable time styling our hair and there are a few things worse that having your sleek styled hair ruined by a ponytail crease.  When I’m working out or just relaxing at home, I prefer my hair tied back with not a single strand on my face but it is the most unflattering look when you decide to finally let your hair down and you are left with a big dent in your hair that wraps all around.  I had started seeing these spiral hair ties making their way in to stores a while back and initially didn’t understand the appeal.  Why would someone want to use a telephone wire to tie their hair?  It wasn’t until recently that I found out that it prevents kinks and split ends and with it’s smooth surface your hair won’t tangle with the hair tie.

With Rexall Drugstore conveniently located at Cloverdale, I decided to try the “Scünci Spirals”, after all, why not?  They come in many different shades from clear to hot pink to suit your mood.  The spiral applies uneven pressure to the circumference of your ponytail which prevents you from ending up with a tragic kink in your hair.  I’ll definitely say that they are very comfy and I feel they don’t tug on my hair as much as regular hair ties.  I have thick hair and so one problem I’ve always had is that I’m unable to tie my hair up high without ending up with a headache.  Therefore, I tend to wear my ponytails much lower, usually at the nape of my neck, but with this hair tie, I found that I was able to tie my hair much higher without the headache.  I’m still not sure if I like the aesthetic aspect of them, especially for a night out on the town, but since I usually only tie my hair when I’m working out or at home I will definitely be using these then and for under $6 you can’t go wrong.