Outdoor Child’s Play!

Posted on: August 16, 2023

With the warm days of Summer slowly coming to an end, it is vital for kids to make the most of the great weather.  Today’s kids spend many hours a day staring at electronics like phones, laptops, tablets and television.  Let’s have them swap these sedentary activities for active outdoor recreation.  There are many benefits to outdoor play for kids:

  • Help kids get proper amounts of vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin”.
  • Reduce risk of childhood obesity.
  • Improve their mood.
  • Allows them to learn important social skills like empathy, cooperation and friendship.
  • Appreciation for the environment.

Have your kids play outdoors with these children’s essentials from Coles, that can be ordered online and shipped to home, or picked up in store:

The hottest game of the year—pickleball!  It will bring hours of family fun to any occasion.  The Indigo Pickle Ball Set has everything you need to kick-start some friendly competition!  Two paddles that playfully read “Go Long” and “Game on” and two waffle balls come easy to pack and ready to play.  Let the games begin!

Boost your child’s hand-eye coordination with Indigo’s Ring Toss, featuring a wooden peg scoreboard and eight durable twine rope rings marked with blue or yellow wooden beads to create two sets for team play. Compete in groups, one-on-one, or solo to fine-tune your aim.  The set comes in a zippered carrying case with a top handle, making it a breeze to travel with.

How can we forget the sand and water toys?!  Splash around at the beach or pool with Coconut Grove’s Dive & Play Pack Reef Gang.  Ten diving toys made of neoprene material helps to develop children’s (ages 6 and up) diving skills.  And yes, adults can use it too!

A water toy that will have all the neighbours kids wanting to try is the Homerun Squirt and Smash Pool Toy. It’s basically water baseball! Your favorite pastime can now be played in the pool too. Fill this fun pool toy up by simply placing the top of the bat into the pool and pulling back on the handle. Then, place the ball on top of the bat and push the handle back up to release a stream of water- making the ball fly into the air! As the ball comes back down, hit it with the bat. Your kids will love trying to hit the ball as it comes back down, getting splashed with water in the process! Recommend for ages 5 and up.

Are you ready for Bocce Ball? This classic outdoor game: Indigo’s Bocce Ball Set has everything you need to get the ball rollin’!  Eight bocce balls—two orange, two light blue, two dark blue, two white—and two yellow pallinos/jacks come easy to pack and store in a colourful drawstring bag. See whom in your family can bring their best strategy and skills.

Wine down on those late summer nights with a timeless and entertaining game of Jumbo Tumbling Towers. The Indigo Tumbling Towers Set features 48 colourful wooden blocks to skillfully stack. Don’t be the one to knock it all down…

We’ve all heard the term “go big or go home.”  How about you “go big at home!”  The Climb ‘N Bounce Clubhouse by Bansal is a quick and easy set up, you’ll go from zero to fun in under three minutes. There’s more bounce to the ounce with its two slides, two basketball hoops, climbing wall and a roomy bounce area.  Invite all your friends and bounce all you want—the blower motor provides constant air support while its sturdy Dura-Tech construction can withstand all your jumps and tumbles.

This Summer make sure your kids gain more sensory engagement through exploration with outdoor play!  Tell us how your family’s Summer is going, by tagging  @cloverdalemall on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator