National Ice Cream Day!

Posted on: July 18, 2021

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!  The day has arrived, and the weather is obliging; with heat and humidity you can’t say no to a cold treat on National Ice Cream Day.  Whether you are looking for a tub, bars, a cone, or a float we’ve got all the options anyone could want!

If you have a family or a large group in need of a cool down head over to the frozen treats aisle in Metro to pick up a family-sized carton of Irresistibles Ontario Peach and Vanilla ice cream.  For a vegan option—Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough will offer that sweet and melty goodness!

Those looking for the nostalgia hit of Dickie Dee’s bike ice cream delights might find what they are looking for in the freezer section of Rexall—Fudgsicles (my fave!), Drumsticks, and ice cream sandwiches!

Feeling like a beverage with an ice cream hit?  A&W has their classic root beer floats ready as an accompaniment to a meal or to be enjoyed all on their own.

Cloverdale has #Allyouneed especially if that means all the ice cream!

~Holly, Guest Services Coordinator