Mouse City 2

Posted on: October 27, 2019

June 22nd, 2019

Mouse City is a model-building project run by Small Print Toronto, a registered non-profit that has run programs which empower children to tell their own stories since 2008. On March 9, 2019 the Cloverdale Common hosted the first in a series of Mouse City programs that help reimagine the Cloverdale Redevelopment through perspective of children. 

In this second session, participants were presented with a blank canvass to interpret the concept of “complete communities.” Structured as a drop-in session, facilitators approached participants arriving at the event and introduced them to Mouse City asking them the question “What are your visions for a great neighbourhood at Cloverdale?”

For this iteration of Mouse City, a specialized 10’ x 12’ street grid in the shape of the Cloverdale neighbourhood was created, such that the children could envision their future for the property.

Over 50 people attended this first session. The event attracted a mix of ages including many older adults bringing their grandchildren, along with families with small children.