Mornin’ Cuppa

Posted on: February 23, 2021

Wake me up before you go-go!  A cuppa coffee every morning sets me up to tackle the day ahead.  I like the process, the alluring scent, and the jolt as the dark brew hits my taste buds.  Pre-Covid I enjoyed my morning brew but in the midst of this global pandemic I focus my morning routine on the beverage that loved the world over.  I like to buy good, freshly roasted beans and treat them lovingly by grinding a portion each morning, using a temperature controlled kettle, and letting the water and the grinds take their time extracting flavour.

Mindfulness means doing things with intention and being in the moment and my careful morning routine leaves no room for being on auto-pilot.  I’m cognizant of each action and move through them like I’m doing tai chi.  Good bye fuzzy morning brain and that’s not just the coffee talking!

If you like espresso, French press, Nespresso, or drip coffee Kitchen Stuff Plus can take you on a heavenly scented journey every morning.  Want to take your coffee game to the next level?  You can find grinders, and temperature variate kettles to tailor your cuppa just the way you like it.

Looking for a new hobby?  A new morning routine?  Working for your caffeine?  A morning coffee ritual could be the focus your morning needs.  Good coffee and Kitchen Stuff Plus are #allyouneed.

~ Holly, Guest Services Representative