May is Asian Heritage Month

Posted on: May 26, 2022

May is Asian Heritage month in Canada.  Cloverdale celebrates the many who enrich our community and shopping centre from the Asian diaspora.  From our eateries and clothing shops to our support staff we have a rich connection to the vast continent.  The theme of this year’s celebration is “continuing a legacy of greatness,” and, as such, I’m highlighting a couple of our shops that showcase just that.

Pick ‘N’ Chus owes its menu to the many generations of Chinese immigrants who settled throughout the country and found a path forward in the restaurant industry by adapting to the ingredients available.  We now have our own unique cuisine, with such dishes as ginger beef, created here in Canada.  If you’d like to learn more about the evolution of the cuisine you can pick up your copy of Chop Suey Nation at Coles.

Many of our clothing and beauty retailer owners and operators also have roots in Asia.  These shops offer a rich diversity of products and expertise with unparalleled hospitality.  Judy’s beautiful scarves and jewellery will make you stand out in the crowd.  Despite the collapse of the Leafs in the playoffs, Sports Centre, has all the paraphernalia you need to keep hope alive for next year. Indoor, outdoor, cocktail, or formal, Julie’s has an array of stylish dresses available for all your needs.  Cloverdale Nails will help you look and feel your best with their professional waxing and nail services.

We have so many other retailers, medical offices, and specialty services, as well as Guest Services members such as me who count ourselves as part of the diaspora and take pride in our heritage.

To me, “continuing a legacy of greatness”, means honouring the threads that tie us to our heritage, ethnicity, and culture; this includes supporting those in our communities as they face systemic challenges and work towards better understanding and uplifting each other.  Shop at, recommend, and get to know all the wonderful folks at Cloverdale Mall.

We’d love to see how you’re celebrating this Asian Heritage Month by tagging @cloverdalemall.

~ Holly, Guest Services Coordinator