Making a spectacle of myself

Posted on: May 1, 2018

In the past three years I’ve had five pairs of glasses. While my eyesight is less than ideal that’s not the reasoning behind the multiple pairs. I’m not one to accessorize so I use my specs to shape my look.

My favourite pair are large wooden frames that I picked up at a Christmas market on a whim. They were originally sunglasses and I was enticed by the generous 50 per cent off I was offered. But, I don’t wear sunglasses and doubling up on glasses seemed a little too much like a detested 3D movie experience I had in the past.

But wood frames! Toronto-based company! A bargain!

After a quick trip to Pearle Vision I was well on my way to transforming those beauties into my new statement specs. One week later and I was ready to debut them to those discerning enough to notice them. Anti-reflective, anti-scratch, pro style!

~ Holly