Ice, Ice, Baby!

Posted on: August 22, 2023

Wrap up this Summer with delish, homemade frozen treats for the entire family.  Freezies, popsicles and more.  We are pairing molds from Kitchen Stuff Plus with the perfect frozen treat recipe from Metro.

Metro’s Watermelon Punch Pops recipe is so deliciously easy and tasty.  Just blend frozen watermelon cubes, maple syrup, lime juice, and fruit punch liquid water enchancer in your food processor or high-powered blender.  Then spoon the mix into KSP Ice Pop Freezer ‘Star’ Popsicle Mold – Set of 6, and freeze overnight!

Customize your beverages with ice cubes that’ll keep your drink cool while quenching your thirst with Kitchen Stuff Plus‘ Sip ‘Star’ Silicone Ice Tray with Straws.  Impress your guests with star-shaped ice cubes attached to the bottom of a straw for a lovely chilled drink.  Take it to another level by using  this Sparkling Strawberry Mocktail recipe by Metro.  Combine strawberries, lemon chunks, sugar, and water.  Blend until pureed.  Strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer and discard any solids that remain or leave as is for a pulpy drink, then pour into the tray and freeze overnight and voila—give any drink that extra punch!

You may call them “freeze pops” but I know them as “freezies”!  It is a water-based frozen confection similar to an ice pop, made by freezing flavored liquid such as sugar water, fruit juice or purée inside a plastic casing or tube, either round or flat.  KSP Freezipop ‘Mermaid’ Silicone Ice Pop Maker – Set of 4, are cute mermaid tail shaped ice pop makers.  Create your very own healthy version of freezies with Metro’s Green Juice blend recipe of green apples, celery stalks, lemon juice, cucumber, and kale leaves. Adding a fresh bit of ginger is optional.

A COOL TIP: Fill your ice pops or freezies with low-sugar fruit juice, nutritious fresh pureed fruit or smoothie mixes for a healthier alternative to high-sugar, store bought treats!
Be sure to tag @cloverdalemall with all the ways you create homemade frozen treats.

~  Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator