Happily Forever After

Posted on: June 21, 2018

Disney.  We all grew up with it and whether young or old, it holds a special place in all our hearts.  The romance, the dreams and the happily-ever-after.  The Enchanted Disney collection at Peoples calls out to the inner child within us all.  After all you’re never too old for Disney.  Beautiful designed pieces represent your favourite Disney princess.  A blue Topaz carriage pendant for Cinderella, a diamond snowflake ring for Elsa, a garnet and diamond apple pendant for Snow White and blue Topaz bow and arrow earrings for Merida.  My favourite out of the collection is one of the Beauty and the Beast pieces, a gorgeous diamond rose ring in rose gold.  Epitome of elegance with the timeless rose shaped in 10K rose gold and the diamonds add just the right amount of bling.  There are also matching earrings and a pendant to complete the look.  Men, don’t feel left out, you haven’t been forgotten.  There are some captivating diamond encrusted rings for you to choose from.  If wedding bells are in the near future then there are also some exquisite engagement/wedding rings available in the collection.  From princess Aurora to princess Jasmine to Tinkerbell inspired engagement/wedding rings that prove happy endings are always possible.

Now, excuse me while I do some serious damage to my credit card.

~ Asna