Hair Game

Posted on: September 19, 2018

We all love the look and feel of freshly styled hair.  Amazingly light weight, bouncy, and most importantly no grease!  Dry shampoo is that magical product for in between washes that will absorb all the oil and disappear leaving your hair with a cleaner, fresher appearance.  Pretty much all hair care brands have their version of dry shampoo but the one that has the been the most popular among hair enthusiasts has been Batiste.  In my opinion, it is hands down the best dry shampoo on the market.  I first tried this brand a few years ago and I have yet to find one that delivers better results.  Winner of two Allure Awards, this baby is super affordable and will soon become besties with your hair.  Comes in cheerful packaging and amazing fragrances with fun names such as Blush (my fav), Rose Gold, Fresh, and Sweetie.  Along with many fragrance options, they also have dry shampoos for “XXL Volume”, “De-Frizz”, “Hydration” and “Damage Control”.  Something else they have in their line, which is unique since I haven’t seen any other brand offer this, is dry shampoos specifically for dark hair.  The powder is coloured which allows for seamless blending.  I would suggest that you stop by Rexall on your next visit to Cloverdale and pick up a bottle to try.  Once you are amazed with the magical transformation of your hair with just a shake, few sprays and a massage, do what I do – and head over to Winners to grab an extra large bottle of Batiste.  Your hair will thank you.