Good Food Meets Great Hair!

Posted on: October 9, 2020

Want to know how to grow your beautiful tresses in both length and strength?  Start with your diet.  Did you know that eating the right type of food will contribute to the state of your hair?  Various food types are perfect for growing and restoring all hair types, and what’s even better is you can purchase them right here at Cloverdale!

Eggs are one food item that surely gets the job done, whether by consuming, or simply cracking the egg and adding it into your hair before washing.  Adjusting my diet to include eggs transformed my brittle short hair into lustrous extended tresses!  The nutrients found in eggs such as Vitamin A are perfect for hair, once I learned this you can only imagine how hard I made sure to fit eggs in my meals and my hair as much as possible!

I know greens are not everyone’s favourites but once you hear what avocados can do for your hair, I bet you will change your mind.  I know it changed mine!  Creating a spread or a dip out of avocados with a touch of honey gives you an amazing breakfast or lunch option!  A slice of bread with this wonderful homemade spread will surely have you, your taste buds and your hair craving more!  The biotin in avocados helped restore my damaged ends and brought me a soft, strong full head of hair.  Also, to mention, adding honey adds moisture to your hair!  To top it all off you can combine your eggs and avocado toast for the ultimate hair growth efforts.

My hair did not transform overnight, but consistently eating the right food has truly made all the difference, and not to forget, lots of patience played a part as well!  So, you’ve read it here, don’t wait any longer, head on over to Metro to buy all your new favourite food items to launch your fast hair growth and restoration journey!

~ Bianca, Guest Services Representative